Contradiction? Yes and no.

Does the sentence below make sense?

He couldn’t help himself, so he helped himself.

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  1. “He couldn’t stop himself, so he served himself with food”. (?)
    (But where would you put the nucleus in each clause?)

  2. JWL says:

    To quote from my article on Accentuation §8.1.12(a) in the ‘Home Page’ of my website
    It’s possible for a word to be accented twice in a sentence because of semantic re-focusing eg because a contrast of meaning is involved when the word re-occurs in a different sense. This has been called ‘anta`naclasis’
    Various examples are given there.
    Tonetic transcription:
    He `couldn’t `stop himˏself, | so he served him`self with food

  3. Emilio Márquez says:

    Thanks for those helpful insights, Jack. Your Home Page is a must.

  4. JWL says:

    Hi Emilio
    Many thanks for those kind words about my Home Page your Home Town Córdoba is my fav.rit Spanish city

  5. Jack,
    I can’t think of a greater honour than being liked by the best people. –Let me know whenever you’re visiting us and I’ll take you to the “worst” places ;)

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