Mini dictionaries

Yesterday I added a page to EP Tips (link in the side-bar) concerning the prefix <bio>. While I was doing this, it occurred to me that tips dealing with the pronunciation of technical terms in various disciplines might be useful to some folk. I have now added a new category which contains mini dictionaries — lists of 30 or so technical terms accompanied by just one acceptable GB pronunciation.

The first list is already there. It concerns the world of finance and all the strange terms the meaning of which is a mystery to me. I have also started work on a list for archaeology which should appear in a couple of days.

As always I will be grateful for comments and suggestions. Please send them to the EP Tips comments page whose address is in the side-bar too.

One Response to “Mini dictionaries”

  1. Mitko Sabev says:

    (ˈekwətɪz ˈsɪnədʒɪz) v. (ˈæktjəri əˈnjuːəti ˈbæŋkrʌpsi ˈmʌnətri məˈnɒpəli)

    Is there a phonetic reality behind this unequal treatment of “the happy vowel”?

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