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After a long rest from adding pronunciation tips. I have started again. The link is in the side-bar, or click on the graphic to the left. Just a reminder that you can’t comment on the tips except by posting on the relevant page on this site. Again the link is in the side-bar under the heading Pages.

5 thoughts on “More tips

  1. Philip,
    If you type 2014_03 in the search box and press return, you should see all the new tips posted in March.

  2. Incidentally, while the “Search by date” feature is exactly what I needed, I was surprised to see that the results returned are effectively monochrome, lacking the ‘style=”color: #ffff00″‘ attribute that highlights the phonetics in the main entry; is there any possibility that this attribute might be addable to the results of the search ?

  3. Philip,

    I’m afraid that is what the WordPress search engine delivers. Less than satisfactory. However, if you click on the title of a research result you will be taken to the actual page with full formatting.

    To make things easier, I have just added links to the five latest tips in the side-bar under News. All at no extra cost!

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