Animal crackers

A wonderful way to while away the odd half day and to exercise one’s laugh muscles at the same time is to pay a visit to the eggcorn database. If you feel like indulging, the link is in the side-bar.

Here are just few of the entries that have caught my attention recently:

  • People who have been adopted or are in foster care should not be treated as a social leopard.
  • The consequence was social uproar as new people entered the site on a whim after stumbling on long-dead threads and posted without reading FAQs or without knowing the complex set of social morays that the board requires.
  • Luckily our old Toyota just got us through and then gave up the goat.

All this was prompted by my friend JDL, who brought this gem to my attention:

Why can’t we, as a society, treat each other with a bit of respect and give Madonna and her elk the 1st class treatment she deserves!

7 Responses to “Animal crackers”

  1. Martin Ball says:

    I’m sure Madonna would be moose grateful …..

  2. John Maidment says:

    Oh. I gnu someone would say something like that 😉

  3. JWL says:

    This was specially intresting to me as one who has had the pleasure of observing an actual elk roaming his university campus at which a colleague (author of a pronouncing dictionary and now for long no longer with us) was familiarly known as The Elk.
    BTW Shou’dnt that goat be in small capital letters?

  4. John Maidment says:


    I’m feeling more than usually dim today. Please explain the small capital letters business.

  5. (GOAT and small caps) Lexical sets ?

  6. John Maidment says:

    Ah! I told you I was feeling dim.

  7. John Wells says:

    Saul my fault.

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