Odd ends

Today I went to the supermarket. On the way out my eye was caught by a large notice which read:

If you have any questions, at all, please ask a member of staff.

I suppose it was the somewhat superfluous commas which made me want to nobble a passing Tesco employee and and say:

Excuse me, but why do spiders always take up residence in my car’s wing mirrors?

Please don’t waste your time looking for a link between the above and what follows. There isn’t one. On the tv the other night I saw the American stand-up comedian Rich Hall. He told a joke which went as follows:
I think that London is a city full of fear. I went to the grocery store the other day and asked for some pecan nuts. The woman said: We “don’t \have any pecan nuts | I’m a\fraid.

Rich Hall
Rich Hall

Finally, a joke from my neighbour (with apologies to blonde women).
A brunette was walking along by a river and wanted to cross. She saw a ditzy blonde on the opposite bank and called out: “Excuse me! How do I get to the other side?”. The blonde looked around for a moment and shouted back: “You’re already on the other side.”

By the way, if any one out there knows why spiders….

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