Mind your peas

Quite often when deciding what to cook for dinner I look in the fridge and the store cupboard and then take to the internet to see if there are any suitable recipes I can use. This is exactly what I did the other day.

At one point I got side-tracked by a link to a recipe for spiced roasted chickpeas. The chickpeas are dusted with a mixture of spices and then roasted in a hot oven until crispy. The result is meant to be a tasty snack.

I looked at the comments on the recipe and most seemed very favourable. But right at the end was the forlorn comment:

They exploded in the oven!

This gave me a severe giggle fit. I’m not sure why.

Photo credit: Sanjay Acharya. Used under this licence.

3 thoughts on “Mind your peas

  1. There is a typical dish here containing chickpeas as its main ingredient (“cocido” [koˈθiðo] = “boiled”). Some natives do not develop a liking for it until they are at least 18-20 years old.

  2. Thanks, Emilio.

    Traditionally I think cocido contained chickpeas and meat. I don’t eat meat, so here is a link to a meatless version, if anyone is interested.

  3. That looks yummy, thanks! And, by the way, what makes traditional cocido so unpleasant for sensible people is precisely the meat in it.

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