Terra errata

I have just been using Google maps to find the location of a road in Penzance. The experience has hardened my opinion that the internet is just full of garbage.

Oh, I found the road OK. Just in case you have the slightest interest the name is Polwyn, which means ‘white pool’. But while looking I came across a jaw-dropping number of goofs.

First, I came across “Wherrytown Co-operative Food Market”, but not at Wherrytown, which is an area of the Penzance seafront, but about half a mile inland and probably a mile east of where it really is. Then there were an art gallery and a fish and chip shop, located on the map at the other end of the fairly long street from their true positions. A clothing store is apparently in the middle of the main car park in the town and if you want to find Lloyd’s Bank, trust not the map! You will end up about a quarter of a mile west of where it actually is and find yourself at the Police Station oops! Royal Mail sorting office. A bakery is shown on the wrong side of the road and anyway it closed down about three years ago and a pharmacy is really a good 200 metres away from its map position. I could go on…

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  1. In my experience, the red markers that indicate individual places are added by users rather than Google itself, and errors can be reported, but in this case the results are even more odd. A Google search for “Wherrytown Co-operative Food Market” throws up the expected mini-map with red pin, and the red pin is glossed “The Co-operative Food Food and Drink … Address: The Promenade, Wherrytown, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4NP”. Furthermore, to a non-local, it appears to be in the correct place. But the pin is a hot-spot (hyperlink) which, when clicked, does indeed take the visitor to a larger map of “The Co-operative Food”, but not the one in Penzance — rather, the one in Strand, Golden Cross House, Duncannon Street, London WC2R 0RG ‎!

  2. Philip,

    The offending markers I was on about are not all red, but are different colours depending on the type of establishment and I don’t think these are added by users. If they are, then something very wrong is still going on.

  3. OK, is it possible to post a hyperlink that will cause these markers to be displayed ? I am intrigued, and would like to investigate further …

  4. Ah yes, I see what you mean. Well, I have reported the problem : “This is the incorrect location for “The Co-Operative Food – Wherrytown”, which should be at 50.11235,-5.543382″ — let’s see if there is any response/action !

  5. Petr,

    I’m confused (a not infrequent occurrence these days). What has Wales got to do with it?

    Wales = Cambria
    Cornwall = Cornubia

  6. Perhaps the further away you get the more Cornubia and Cambria fade into the same mist that shrouds Google pins? In various old Cornubian documents Cambrians are usually referred to as aliens.

  7. Google maps is not alone. I recently returned to Kent for a long weekend, and asked my TomTom 6100 to take me to “The Bull at Benenden”, a point of interest of which it claimed cognizance. In fact, it took me to a location some 8.5 miles from the Bull at Benenden, at which location there was nothing that could possibly have triggered the false association. Fortunately I had allowed adequate time, so was not late for my Probus lunch.

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