Good shuts

This post is on behalf of JDL, who wants to know how widely the phrase good shuts is used. It was certainly used in Derby when we were young, but is probably not confined to that area. It doesn’t appear in the OED or in Wright’s dialect dictionary.

It is used in the same way as good riddance is used. So one might say: Good shuts to that idiot!. A word of warning to non-native speakers — it is not very polite!

3 thoughts on “Good shuts

  1. Could this have anything to do with the phrase “to get shot of” something?

  2. Graham,

    You’re definitely on the right track. JDL tells me that the OED lists a dialect form shuttance, which it relates to one meaning of the verb shut:

    To set (a person) free from, relieve of (something troublesome). Obs. exc. in passive (dial. and colloq.) to be, get shut of, (dial.) shut on , to shut one’s hands of : to be rid of, free from

    Wright’s EDD has shote, shottance, and shuttance all meaning “riddance” and the last form is recorded from Wm. Yks. Lan. Chs. Der. Lin.

  3. I have always heard it in Derbyshire – I just applied it to a politician
    Good Shuts to Bad Rubbish!

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