OI again

Both Jonathan and Philip Taylor have commented on the broken link to Online Intonation. Thanks to both.

I don’t know why OI has disappeared from the UCL site, but fortunately I have copies of all the files and have spent quite a lot of time over the past few days re-instating OI on the blogjam site. The link in the sidebar now points to the new OI.

I have taken the opportunity to update the program. It now uses mp3 sound files and the HTML5 <audio> tag. I have tested it using Chrome, MSIE, Microsoft Edge, Firefox Opera, Safari and Sea Monkey. Please let me know if you come across any problems.

The only thing left to say is MY BRAIN HURTS!

4 thoughts on “OI again

  1. Would it be possible to update the link in the first message in the thread, John ? The one that reads “You can find it here. I have checked that it works well in MSIE, Safari, Avant, Seamonkey.” That link still refers to the (now lost) UCL version.

  2. John thanks for your work updating this. It would help your blog readers (me) if you put links to the things you mention in your post. Like the UCL site or directly to Online Intonation, etc. it spent almost a minute trying to click on the words Online Intonation before I realized it wasn’t a link!

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