Penwith place-names: progress report

The work I described in my post Penwith place-names goes on. I have now more than 300 names listed and am slogging away adding 10-20 a day.

Here are some of the nice ones, and some of the puzzling ones I have listed so far:

Cripplesease (it’s at the top of a long steep hill)
Labour in Vain (it is a very exposed site for farming and such like)
Merry Maidens (a stone circle)
Mount Misery (a suburb of Penzance — it’s not that bad!)
Sorry Bargain (enough said)

Great Hogus
Great Hogus
© Clare Ward

Blakan Matti: near Marazion. A complete mystery. The name is almost certainly not Cornish.
Canopus: near St. Buryan. The word is the name of the second brightest star in the sky, but I have no idea why this particular settlement is so named.
Hogus: The name of two rocky tidal isthmuses (Little and Great) between Marazion and St. Michael’s Mount. I can find only one reference to the word hogus, giving the meaning “tidal isthmus”, but this does not say if the word is Cornish.
Sona Merg: this is particularly galling, as it is only a couple of minutes’ walk from where I live. Again this is a mystery and probably not Cornish in origin. [Update: see this post]

One thought on “Penwith place-names: progress report

  1. Sona Merg is named after a valley in the Kashmir region of the Himalayas. I don’t know why though…

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