The sleep of reason

Rant alert

Today was one of my Oxfam volunteering days. I usually go into Penzance on the bus, but it was a nasty drizzly day and I didn’t feel like standing at the bus stop, so I drove in instead. When I reached the car-park, I found I did not have enough change to pay for 3 hours (£3.30, the robbers!), so I paid for 2 hours (£1.60) and went back later to pay for the extra hour (£1.20). Having done so, I suddenly realised that the total I had paid for 3 hours this way was only £2.80. Now if that makes sense, I am a little green frog from the planet Zog.

Green Frog
Hyla japonica (Japanese tree frog)
Used under a Creative Commons Licence: Kropsoq

One thought on “The sleep of reason

  1. One expects longer time units to cost less, so either they can’t do maths, or it’s a deliberate policy to discourage long term parking …

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