St. Germoe's ChurchToday was a beautiful, sunny day, so a little trip to foreign parts. A drive to Helston was interrupted first by lunch at the Victoria Inn at Perranuthnoe. The next stop was Germoe. The church and the village are named after Germochus, who, legend has it, was a king in Ireland. He converted to Christianity and went out to spread the word. He is supposed to have landed in the west of Cornwall in about 460 AD. There is a curious structure in the churchyard called “St. Germoe’s Chair.” However, it is now known to be mediaeval in date, so maybe it is a copy of some seat that the saint used in his lifetime. The name is pronounced ɡɜ:məʊ.

Germoe's ChairWhile there, I made the acquaintance of a very friendly chocolate-point Siamese cat called Magnus and his human attendant.

The next stop was a garden centre, and then on to the outskirts of Helston, to the wonderfully, but mysteriously, named Water-Ma-Trout industrial estate. All my efforts to discover the origin of the name have failed so far, I’m afraid.

Photo credits: Sheila Russell.
Used under a Creative Commons Licence

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