More Cornish words

Carn Galva

What’s that in the picture above? A tor? An outcrop? No, it’s a carn. No, not a cairn, a carn. In fact, it is Carn Galva (= look-out carn), near the village of Zennor and about 5 miles from where I live.

How about this?
Lanyon Quoit

Well, in these parts it’s called a quoit. In other parts, a quoit is a ring made of iron or rope that is used in a throwing game. Unless you are the giant that lives on Carn Galva you would have a hard time throwing that. If I stoop just a little, I can stand underneath the capstone. It is Lanyon Quoit, so called because it is on land belonging to Lanyon Farm, and is about 3 miles from home.

Zawn Pyg

And finally, this is a zawn. I had always thought that the word was only used in the far west of Cornwall. Google tells me otherwise.

Apparently, the word is used in rock-climbing circles all over the place. Now, I am not familiar with rock-climbing circles, and, being the dedicated coward that I am, I never shall be familiar with them.

The picture shows the delightfully named Zawn Pyg (= pitch cleft) which is on Nanjizal Beach quite close to Land’s End.

Meur ras ha durnostadha!

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