I notice that there has been a complete avoidance of the name of the Icelandic volcano causing the latest problems for air travel, at least on the radio and tv reports I have heard/seen. Wikipedia gives the pronunciation as [‘grimsvöhtn̥], which can’t be riɡht. They seem very recently to have changed their mind about this. They originally had [‘krimsvœhtn̥], which at least is proper IPA and conforms to their IPA for Icelandic page. This lists neither [g] nor [ö] as IPA symbols for transcribing Icelandic. There is a “tutorial” on YouTube on how to pronounce the name.

6 thoughts on “Grímsvötn

  1. I see the Wikipedia page now has [‘krimsvœʰtn̥]. What are they playing at?

  2. John, what Wikipedia are “playing at” is updating and correcting themselves. As I’m sure you know — really — such self-correction over time is what Wikipedia is all about!

    That latest IPA transcription is derived from the YouTube video (made by a native speaker of Icelandic) that you already referred to and which is now referenced directly in the Wikipedia entry.

  3. Kevin,

    I am aware of what Wikipedia is all about and heartily concur with their aim. I was just a bit surprised that they had it right, then got it pretty wrong. Still, all’s well that ends (I hope) well.

  4. This reminds me of my dismay at the staggeringly inept use by the BBC of its web page entitled
    “The Editors: Pronunciation Unit”.
    I find it incomprehensible that it seems to have for so long offered only fifteen pronunciation items that have lain there gathering dust for five years or so.
    Why in heaven’s name can’t we be given a selection from the latest output that the Unit is providing within the Corporation.
    I’d at the moment like to know what they’re recommending as a decent anglicisation of this item. I shd think /`grɪmzvɜːtn/ wd be okay but they’re likely to be fussy enuff to try to insist on /griːmzvœːtn/.

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