Double whammy!

The building in the picture is the Alte Pinakothek in Munich. If you watched the long-running BBC quiz show University Challenge this evening, you would have found out that it is situated in ˈmjuːnɪç and is actually called the ˈalteɪ pɪnəˈkəʊtek. Despair is the only possible reaction.

9 thoughts on “Double whammy!

  1. Petr,

    Yes, if I remember rightly. mjuːnɪç was perpetrated in the answer — I don’t remember from which team, because I was still in shock from ˈalteɪ pɪnəˈkəʊtek uttered by Jeremy Paxman, the quiz master.


  2. Thanks! Found the quiz on the internet and managed to download it although Beeb’s geotagging ‘fence’ tries to prevent this. Will post the sound file extracts in my blog. Poor Jeremy had to pronounce loads of ‘hard’ words besides Chopin, Mahler, eg. azimuthal.

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