A couple of Cornish placenames

Here are three Cornish place-names from what the locals round here would call “furren parts”. They are all about 30 minutes drive from Penzance.

The red arrow on the map is pointing at Gunwalloe. The name apparently derives from the name of St. Winwaloe, who is a bit different from most saints in Cornwall, in that something is actually known about him! He was born c.460 in Brittany. He is known as Guénolé in French. He died in 532. He was the son of Fragan, a prince of Dumnonia, who had legged it to Brittany to avoid the plague. Winwaloe’s mother was Gwen Treirbron. The rather surprising epithet means “triple-breasted”.

Near Gunwalloe is a small cove, sometimes called Dollar Cove, whose Cornish name is the wonderful Jangye-ryn. This derives from the Cornish rynn yeynjy, which means “ice-house promontory” You can see the beach in the picture below.

Finally, in the same area we have Berepper, one of a number of places with that name. It derives from French beau repair meaning “beautiful retreat”.

Map: Google maps
Photo: Charles Winpenny Cornwall Cam

2 thoughts on “A couple of Cornish placenames

  1. Spent a couple of summer holidays in Mullion when I was a kid (happy days!).
    Needless to say, I don’t think the place was named after a window feature.
    Another one of those saint blokes.

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