Newton and LibriVox

Newton has gained another unit. Unit 5 is similar to unit 4 and contains utterances with a nucleus marked. The difference is that the utterances are spoken by a number of different voices rather than being the exclusive domain of the dulcet tones of yours truly. How is this possible!?

The answer is LibriVox, a huge archive of freely available, copyright free sound recordings. The site has been going since 2005 and contains recordings of all sorts of stuff: poetry, drama, short stories, novels, non-fiction works. The majority of these are in English, but there is also a sizeable portion in other languages. The quality of the recordings is variable, but there is enough there of good quality to make a visit worthwhile. The recordings are supplied in the following formats: mp3 @ 64 kb/s, mp3 @ 128 kb/s and ogg vorbis.

Old Isaac will take a break now and hopes that his efforts are of use to some of you.

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