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  1. John, I have to say I agree with Petr as far as “January” goes.

    “Daresbury”: isn’t the first syllable pronounced /ˈdɑːz-/ in GB?

  2. “Mmmh, how can this disagreement be resolved?”

    Well it’s obvious, isn’t it? This is just a classic example of “phantom [ʊ]”. When I isolate the sound between the [n] and the [ɹ], I can only hear a [ə]. However, when I listen to the whole word, that same sound strikes me as a perfect [ʊ] (without any traces of [ə] , by the way). Haven’t you ever heard about the theory of relativity?

  3. Emilio,
    as regards your mention of relativity theory: I keep meeting myself in the past ev’ry now ‘n then. 😉

  4. (1) Daresbury. I should have checked, shouldn’t I? Mea culpa and all that. Thanks Alex and Graham. Fixed now.

    (2) January. I am still convinced that my original utterance has no ʊ. However, in the interests of peace, harmony and a quiet life I have replaced the contentious pronunciation with one which definitely does contain a schwa.

    Causa finita, I hope.

  5. “Causa finita, I hope”.

    Not yet, I’m afraid –I think the original transcription needs to be updated.

  6. About Ear-training 7:
    Would it be possible to pronounce “penitence” as [ˌpenɪˈtents], so that the rhythm of the last verse could match that of the penultimate (and both verses could rhyme)?

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