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All code, except where stated below, is J A Maidment, as are the page design, images and text. 
Disclaimer Cedilla is offered without any guarantee of any kind.  All efforts have been made to verify the information contained in the program, but the author accepts no responsibility for anguish, inconvenience, or any other nastinesses which may be caused by using the program.
Caveats Cedilla was designed as an aid to identifying a language from an orthographic sample.  The more text the user has available, the more likely it is that Cedilla will be able to help.  Uses of accents to indicate length, nasalisation and voice quality are included, but not uses to indicate tone or stress. Some languages do not yet have an agreed orthography and are written in different ways by different people. I have tried to take account of this.
Language information Clicking on the name of a language will bring up a language information page where one is available.  This contains the complete set of glyphs used by the language and other information such as the approximate number of speakers.
Feature buttons At the moment there are only four of these: Underlining which lists languages which use underlining of letters for various purposes; and Few consonants which displays languages with 10 or fewer consonant symbols in their orthography; and finally C with diaeresis which lists languages with consonants bearing a diaeresis such as Malagasy <n̈>. Finally, there is the No <s> button.  Actually, most languages in this category have no fricative sounds at all, but this is not always evident from the orthography.
Platforms Cedilla has been tested in the latest versions of the following browsers: Avant, Firefox, Google Chrome, MSIE and Opera, all running under Windows 7. No special fonts are necessary for Cedilla.
Acknowledgments The scrollable content script used for the sidebar is Dynamic Drive, to whom many thanks.  A lot of the information for this program comes from Omniglot.  Again many thanks. Thanks are also due to The Language Museum.
Contact Comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Email: cedilla AT blogjam DOT name.  I will do my best to reply, but make no promises.
Version 2.1
Last updated 2011/13/02