Unit 3



© John Maidment, 2012

In this unit you will be given the opportunity to listen to single  word utterances consisting of more than one syllable produced with one of the seven  nuclear tones.  In each case the nuclear tone is attached to the first syllable of the utterance and the remaining syllables constitute what is known as a tail. It is important to listen to the tail syllables as well as the nuclear syllable itself, as their pitch pattern often gives vital clues about the type of nuclear tone being used.

Click on the words  and phrases below to hear the speech.  When you think you have heard enough and can recognise the tones in this sort of environment, click the CONTINUE link to the left.  This will take you to a page where you can test your ability to distinguish these tones.

ˏapple ˇoften `sometimes `possibly ^Monday
ˊtwenty ˎprobably ^certainly >finally `April
ˏAugust ˇmaybe ˎnonsense ˊthree years >Thursday
`trust me ˊbetter ^wonderful ˇfortunately >boring