1 Online Truth
2 The Garden Gate
3 Going bonkers
4 Sherlock Holmes
5 Importance
6 Taxi



Paratrans presents English texts accompanied by a parallel General British phonemic transcription.  The initial state shows neither of these, but both can be displayed or hidden at will.  In addition, the transcription can be displayed all at once, or section by section.  There is also a facility for playing a sound file of each section.  The sound files are in .mp3 format and use the HTML5 <audio> tag.  Click on the icons to hear the sound for each section.  Clicking on the button will play the sound of the next section to be revealed by the button.

The transcription shows rhythmic stress, intonation phrases and nucleus placement (by underlining of the relevant syllable).  Placing the mouse over highlighted links in the transcription displays notes on such things as elision, assimilation, r-liaison (or lack or them).

Texts can be opened (in a new window or tab) by clicking a link in the left column.

Acknowledgements and thanks for comments and encouragement to:  Emilio Márquez, Petr Rösl, Alex Rotatori, Philip Taylor, Jack Windsor Lewis.

With thanks to the following for recordings:
Ruth Golding and Librivox for 'Sherlock Holmes' from Scandal in Bohemia.
Chris Goringe and Librivox for 'Importance' from Alice in Wonderland.

John Maidment, Penzance, 2015