Isaac Newton (1642-1727) painted in 1689 by  Sir Godfrey Kneller

© John Maidment, 2012

Newton is a resource designed to help you recognise General British English nuclear tones.  The set of nuclear tones used can be seen in the table below together with the notation used illustrated on the single syllable NO.

High Fall Low Fall High Rise Low Rise Fall-rise Rise-fall Mid level
ˋno ˎno ˊno ,no ˅no ^no >no

Here is what is available:

  1. Single syllables, High Fall, Low Rise, Fall-rise only
  2. Single syllables, Low Fall, High Rise, Rise-fall and Mid Level
  3. All tones with following syllables (tail syllables)
  4. All tones in sentences
  5. All tones in sentences

Newton has been tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome (Version 22.0.1229.79 m), Safari (5.1.7), Avant  Ultimate 2012 Build 182, Firefox, and SeaMonkey/2.12.1.  The program uses the HTML5 <audio> tag and is unlikely to work properly in older browsers.