Pronunciation ɪˈklɪpsɪs

The traditional name of one of the initial consonant mutations of Irish. It affects only word-initial plosives and f in certain environments, for instance after plural possessive adjectives and after certain numbers. The original consonant letter remains in the spelling and is preceded by a letter or letters representing the replacement sound.

  • f is replaced by v: fuinneog (window) fɯiˈnʲoːɡ, bhur bhfuinneoɡ (your (plur) window) vur vɯiˈnʲoːɡ.
  • voiceless plosives are replaced by homorganic voiced plosives: capall (horse) ˈkapəɫ , seacht gcapall (seven horses) ˈʃaxt ˈɡapəɫ
  • voiced plosives are replaced by homorganic voiced nasals: doras (door) ˈdɒrəs, ɑ ndoras (their door) ə ˈnɒrəs