:Arytenoid cartilage:

Pronunciation GB: ˌærɪˈtiːnɔɪd, GA: əˈrɪt̬ənɔɪd

One of a pair of small cartilages of approximately pyramidal shape which are located on top of the cricoid cartilage in the larynx. Each arytenoid has a vocal process which is inserted into one of the vocal folds (vocal cords). Various muscles connect the arytenoids to one another and to the cricoid cartilage. Contraction of combinations of the muscles alter the position of the arytenoids in various ways. The position of the arytenoids is an important factor in the position and tension of the vocal folds themselves and hence the size and shape of the glottis.

See also crico-arytenoid muscle and inter-arytenoid muscle.

Mid-sagittal section of the larynx
(The front is to the right)