:Manner of articulation:

An aspect of the production of speech sounds. Manner can be thought of as comprising a number of components:

  • Rank of stricture: the constriction in the vocal tract may be (a) a complete closure (b) a constriction close enough to cause air turbulence (c) a wider approximation which does not cause turbulence when accompanied by moderate rate of airflow. Some writers add a fourth rank, that of resonant, which is an articulation where the constriction is so wide that no friction occurs at any rate of airflow.
  • Speed of release of closure: this may be rapid as in a plosive sound or slower as in an affricate sound.
  • Rate of articulation: an articulation overall may be rapid as in a tap or slower as in a plosive.
  • Repetition: an articulation may be performed once only as in a plosive or tap, or it may be repeated rapidly as in a trill.
  • Soft palate position: the soft palate may be raised resulting in an oral articulation or lowered for a nasal or nasalised articulation.
  • Median vs lateral articulation.

Often abbreviated to moa.